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Cost Verification Process

The Cost Verification Process for the Slice True-Up Adjustment Charge is a new annual public process developed under the Tiered Rates Methodology (TRM) that will permit Slice customers, other BPA customers, and other interested parties to review the Slice True-Up Adjustment Charge and to assess whether BPA has correctly calculated the amount of each expense or revenue credit subject to the Slice True-Up Adjustment, and whether the final Slice True-Up Adjustment contains only those expenses and revenue credits permitted to be included in, and does not contain any expenses or revenue credits excluded from, the Slice Rate pursuant to the TRM; see section and Attachment A of the TRM.

See our Background page for more information.

Cost Verification Process for FY 2015
Dates (estimated) Agenda
​November 18, 2015 or earlier
Notification to Slice Customers of the Slice True-Up Adjustment for the Composite Cost Pool True-Up Table. BPA to post Composite Cost Pool True-Up Table containing actual values and the Slice True-Up Adjustment
December 10, 2015
Deadline for customers to submit questions about actual line items in the Composite Cost Pool True-Up Table with the Slice True-Up Adjustment for inclusion in the Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs) Performed by BPA external CPA firm 
Customers have 15 business days following the posting of Composite Cost Pool Table containing actual values and the Slice True-Up Adjustment
December 18, 2015
​January 5, 2016
  • Customer comments are due on BPA’s response (The deadline cannot exceed 10 days from BPA posting)​
  • The remainder of the CVP schedule will be set after Customer comments are received on Jan. 5, 2016.
​January 12, 2016 - Schedule update ​Bonneville is processing the most current customer response. The expectation is that a response will be ready to be posted in late January.
​February 3, 2016 BPA Response to comment
Submit comments on BPA’s response by Feb. 11 at


​February 12, 2016

Conference Call 
A conference call to discuss the CVP process and additional issues is scheduled for Feb.  12, 1 p.m. 

​March 1, 2016

Summary of Agreed upon Procedures

BPA has completed development of a summary list of Agreed Upon Procedures to be completed by its external auditor.  BPA expects work on the AUPs will commence on March 7th.

​April 6, 2016

Final Summary of Agreed Upon Procedures

BPA’s external auditor has completed their report of the AUPs. Customers who are interested in obtaining the auditor’s report should contact their AEs no later than April 29 to receive instructions on how to receive the report.

​June 17, 2016

CVP final adjustment notice

BPA has completed the Cost Verification Process

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