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Current Transmission Rates
Bonneville Power Administration's wholesale power and transmission rates for the FY 2020-2021 rate period were established during the BP-20 Rate Case. The rate proceeding, conducted through a formal process described in Section 7(i) of the Northwest Power Act, concluded when the Administrator signed the Final Record of Decision on July 25, 2019.
Current Rate Schedules

2020-2021 Transmission and Ancillary Service Rates

During this 2-year rate period, transmission rates may be adjusted in accordance with the Transmission Cost Recovery Adjustment Clause (Transmission CRAC), the Transmission Reserves Distribution Clause (Transmission RDC), and the Transmission Financial Reserves Policy (Transmission FRP) Surcharge. See Transmission GRSPs, sections II.G, II.H and II.I.

Formula Rates

2020-2021 Formula Rates  

The rates for GSR Service are calculated for each quarter, beginning October 2019. The rates are posted below and will be updated as needed.

• FY 2020-2021 Formula Rates Summary (posted 10-01-2019)
• FY 2020-2021 Formula Rates Calculation (posted 10-01-2019)