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​Surplus Power Sales Transaction Quarterly Reports

​3rd Quarter (Posted November 5, 2009)

​2nd Quarter (Posted July 29, 2009)

​1st Quarter (Posted April 28, 2009)

​Background Information

​BPA publishes Surplus Power Sales Transaction Quarterly Reports on its Web site within 30 days of the end of each calendar year quarter. The BPA reports published here contain data similar to the electric quarterly reports published by utilities under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's jurisdiction of market-based rate authorization.
Frequency of Posting: Quarterly, based on calendar year
POC: Kristina E. Rohe, PTC
File format: MS Excel


Calendar Year 2008

4th Quarter (Posted January 29, 2009)

​3rd Quarter (Posted October 28, 2008)

​2nd Quarter (Posted July 25, 2008)

​1st Quarter (Posted April 30, 2008)

​Calendar Year 2007

​4th Quarter 2007 (Posted January 30, 2008)