Slice of System
February 18, 1998
  1. Standard Product Description (see below)
  2. Status of Product Development
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Subscription Work Group (Work in Progress)
Product 1a. Slice of System
General This product is defined as the right to receive a defined (in percentage) share of FCRPS actual energy generation over time, combined with the right to use the same share of the capabilities of the FCRPS actually available to BPA to modify the rate at which such energy is produced in real time.
Term 5-20 years, beginning on or before October 1, 2001.
Transmission Transmission is not included. Slice customers will normally arrange for transmission separately.
Amount & Shape BPA will provide power based on a proportionate share of the capability of the FCRPS, including both primary and secondary energy. No purchase or marketing services to meet load are provided by BPA under this product. This product includes the right to send a signal to BPA for delivery of the energy.
System Capabilities FCRPS capabilities in this product include a proportionate share of the storage and shaping rights generally available to BPA, such as the ability to vary energy delivered during a day or between days, weeks, or months within operating constraints.
Accounting Use of flexibility rights associated with the FCRPS will be accounted for on a daily basis in a "storage account."
Spill Risk This product is not guaranteed against required spill. The customer will assume the same risk of spill that faces BPA.
Limitations BPA will notify the customer of limits on deliveries to and from storage consistent with BPA's own use of the storage capabilities of the FCRPS.
System Storage The flexibility component of this product is considered a product of the entire system, and is not tied to a specific reservoir or project.
Load Growth The customer may serve increased loads with this product, but the amount of power made available by BPA and purchased by the customer will not increase due to load growth.
Load Variations The customer takes on all risks associated with load variations, including the risk of retail access load loss or gain.
Scheduling Scheduling and accounting provisions will be established by contract. BPA may adjust the rate of power deliveries to reflect actual operating constraints on the FCRPS.
Disclosure and Notice BPA will provide the customer with "telescoping" forecasts of the capability of the FCRPS, including both total generation and storage capabilities.
Reserves and Backup The customer is responsible for generation reserves to meet appropriate reliability standards for this product.
Other Resources The customer may need other resources or services to meet its load obligations.
Linkages No linkages to other BPA power products are required. This product cannot be purchased in combination with the Full Service or Declared Resource Products. The customer will be responsible for transmission of this product.
Basis for Payment Payment is based on a percentage share of a contractually determined embedded cost revenue requirement. The cost of the product may over time vary based on factors determined in advance of contract execution, but could include annual "true-ups" based on actual costs incurred by BPA.
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