About BPA Selling the Northwest's Federal Power
To MAIN PAGE About BPA NW Hydro The Columbia River For Kids of all Ages Gallery Bonneville Dam Generators About half the power BPA sells goes to Northwest public utility districts, city light departments and rural electric cooperatives. Public agencies get preference to power from BPA. About 15 percent of BPA's annual sales are to investor-owned utilities such as PacifiCorp. Sales to Northwest aluminum companies and a few other large industries account for about one-fourth of BPA's annual revenues.

After Northwest customers are served, BPA sells any surplus power to utilities outside the region. Power for the Northwest As the power industry deregulates, new kinds of power deals are reducing bulk power prices through open market competition. BPA is at the forefront of this change because it sells at wholesale, and deregulation is happening first on the wholesale level.
BPA is adapting its power marketing techniques to serve the Northwest in the new free-market environment. It now sells surplus electricity to new players in the market, including power brokers and third-party marketers.
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