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Seven Ways to Save
the Pacific Northwest Salmon

Following are seven examples of what each of us can do to help salmon.

1. Conserve water.
Use less at home to save more for fish!

2. Do NOT dump any waste in streams or ditches.
Lawn grass, pet droppings, or trash in streams hurts fish and may spread disease.

3. Do NOT pour anything into storm drains.
Storm drains lead to streams. Oil, gasoline and chemicals will kill fish.

4. Use fewer chemicals.
Fertilizers, bug and weed killers, detergents and drain cleaners are all poisonous to fish and other wildlife.

5. Use less electricity.
The Northwest uses rivers to make hydroelectric power which is our main source of electricity. Using less electricity leaves more water for fish in the rivers.

6. Plant trees beside streams.
Salmon and trout need cool shady water to survive. Trees also stop erosion and provide more food for fish.

7. Ask others to help.
Talk to other people about how to help streams and fish.

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