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The Slice Straw-Proposal
(updated on January 29, 1999)

The Slice straw-proposal is a more defined and developed version of the October 13, 1998 BPA Slice Proposal (see Draft of BPA's Slice Proposal). The straw-proposal is meant to be a comprehensive and workable description of the Slice product. Provisions of the straw-proposal will be incorporated into a final product description. The straw-proposal attempts to address the five Slice principles identified by BPA (see "BPA outlines "slice" principles") and meet two goals:

  1. maintain the overall balance of equity contained in the original Slice Proposal, and
  2. simplify as much of the product as possible.

Each version of the straw-proposal (listed below) incorporates input requested from cusomers and their representatives.

Versions of the Slice Straw-Proposal

Version 6.0 (January 28, 1999): PDF (112 kb) or MSWord 97 (238 kb)

Version 5.1 (January 4, 1999): PDF (101 kb) or MSWord 97 (121 kb)

Version 4 (December 15, 1998)

With Revision Marks: PDF (77 kb) or MSWord 97 (72 kb)
Without Revision Marks: PDF (62 kb) or MSWord 97 (91 kb)

Version 3 (December 7, 1998): PDF (57 kb) or MSWord 97 (110 kb)

Input from Customers On the Slice Straw-Proposal

Customers are encouraged to examine the straw-proposal and identify areas that have problems or area that can be simplified. Comments to BPA should identify the problem or issue as well as identify the recommended corrections. Recommended suggestions are incorporated into the straw-proposal if they:

  1. Improve the straw-proposal.
  2. Maintain the overall balance of equity between the customers and BPA.
  3. Are consistent with the basic concept of Slice.
  4. Are acceptable to BPA (this is necessary given BPA's other legal requirements and operational functions).

BPA has established a separate e-mail address for Slice comments: slicecomments@bpa.gov


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