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Wind Integration Initiatives

BPA's Wind Integration projects help BPA and other utilities operate reliably and cost-effectively with large amounts of wind power. We welcome your involvement. Sign up for the Wind Integration Team email list to be informed of involvement opportunities.

Operational Controls for Variable Generators

BPA implemented operating protocols and communication tools to fix the limits of BPA’s balancing reserve capacity obligations and ensure the reliability of the BPA balancing authority. BPA developed automated tools to either limit actual wind generation according to the set schedule or curtail e-Tags to actual generation in response to the amount of balancing reserves deployed.

Dynamic Transfer Limits

BPA developed a methodology to determine dynamic transfer limits and applied that methodology to BPA’s transmission network and interties. BPA then developed and implemented a process to allocate and award the dynamic transfer capability to requesting utilities.

Wind Power Forecasting

BPA created a wind speed and wind generation forecasting system to achieve better reserve management through more informed operational decisions, and to enhance hydroelectric generation reliability as more wind generation is integrated. The wind generation forecast for each wind project is available to the project owner/operator to improve scheduling accuracy.

Intra-Hour Scheduling

BPA allows customers to make within-hour schedule changes to reduce the error between actual performance and schedule. This allows for a more efficient use of the existing electric system without sacrificing reliability. It also assists with the integration of variable energy resources by allowing parties to reduce their exposure to generator imbalance service charges.

Self-supplied Balancing Reserves

BPA provides customers a choice of balancing reserve capacity suppliers and a way to reduce their overall dependence on the FCRPS for balancing capacity and energy. BPA allows parties to elect to self-supply all three balancing services, or to self-supply the generation imbalance portion, through the Customer Supplied Generation Imbalance initiative.

Third-Party Supply

BPA is developing the ability to purchase balancing reserves from third parties. In addition to balancing reserves acquired by BPA for the use of a balancing authority, BPA’s Supplemental Service program allows parties to procure additional balancing capacity to meet the balancing needs of their Variable Energy Resources.