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Northwest Energy Market Assessment
Since 2012, the Northwest Power Pool’s Members’ Market Assessment and Coordination Committee (MC) has been working with regional entities to identify solutions to improve the reliability, efficiency, and integrity of regional operations. BPA is resolved to continue delivering cost-effective solutions that are consistent with our guiding principles.
On May 29, 2015, the participants in this effort agreed to continue to pursue further design of a portfolio of initiatives, including an automated 15-minute centrally cleared energy dispatch, regulation reserves sharing group, and a common Resource Sufficiency standard. This portfolio is designed to leverage generation efficiencies and reserves sharing among the participants to increase the efficiency and reliability of the Northwest region’s electrical energy system. This incremental and relatively low-risk step toward addressing the most pressing operational and commercial challenges facing BPA and the Northwest intends to build on our history of effective operational coordination through the NWPP, honor local control and meet the needs of regional consumers. The NWPP MC Executive Committee will decide whether and how to proceed with the portfolio of initiatives in November 2015.
Bonneville will issue a letter in mid-September that describes the key elements of the portfolio, outlines potential policy changes and associated decision processes in the future, and qualitatively describes the potential costs and benefits of the portfolio. Bonneville will seek public comments about its ongoing participation in the NWPP MC once the letter is issued.




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