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​I-5 Corridor Reinforcement - Draft EIS

Links to the draft EIS are below. Useful information to have before reading the EIS is included in Notes to Reader. Below, you may click on specific files you wish to view. BPA accepted comments on the draft EIS from Nov. 13, 2012 to noon March 25, 2013.

Maps are not embedded in the chapters and are listed in their own files. Maps are named by the chapter in which they appear. For example, Map 2-1 appears in Chapter 2. Some maps appear in a series, for example, Maps 5-1A through 5-1D. These maps split the project area into four sections to show greater detail.

Files vary in size. Large files are split into several smaller ones, but some files are over 30 megabytes and may take a few minutes to load onto your screen.

Draft EIS
Volume 1 Volume 2
Volume 1 ​Front and back cover pages
Volume 1 ​Inside cover page
Notes To Reader
​Perforated Icons
​Table of Contents
Chapter  1 ​Purpose of and Need for Action
​Chapter  2 ​Facility Siting, Route Segments, and Action Alternatives
Chapter  3 ​Project Components and Construction, Operation, and Maintenance Activities
Chapter  4 ​Proposed Action and Alternatives
Chapter  5 ​Land
Chapter  6 ​Recreation
Chapter  7 ​Visual Resources
Chapter  8 ​Electric and Magnetic Fields
Chapter  9 ​Noise
Chapter  10 ​Health and Safety
Chapter  11 ​Socioeconomics
Chapter  12 ​Transportation
Chapter  13 ​Cultural Resources
Volume 2 ​Front and back cover pages
​Volume 2 ​Inside cover page
Table of Contents
​Chapter  14 ​Geology and Soils
Chapter  15 ​Water
Chapter  16 ​Wetlands
Chapter  17 ​Vegetation
Chapter  18 ​Wildlife
Chapter  19 ​Fish
Chapter  20 ​Climate
Chapter  21 ​Air Quality
Chapter  22 ​Greenhouse Gases
Chapter  23 ​Intentional Destructive Acts
Chapter  24 ​Short-Term Uses versus Long-Term Productivity
​Chapter  25 ​Irreversible or Irretrievable Commitment of Resources
Chapter  26 ​Cumulative Impacts
Chapter  27 ​Consultation, Review, and Permit Requirements
Chapter  28 ​Consistency with State Substantive Standards
Chapter  29 ​References
Chapter  30 ​List of Preparers
Chapter  31 ​Agencies, Organizations, and Persons Receiving this EIS
Chapter  32 ​Glossary and Acronyms
Chapter  33 ​Index
Appendix A, B, D-F Front and back cover pages
Appendix A, B, D-F ​Inside Cover page
Table of Contents
Appendix A ​Washington Department of Natural Resources Lands Analysis
Appendix B ​Right-of-Way Tower Configuration Tables and Figures
Appendix C Front and back cover pages
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 1-56
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 57-113
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 114-170
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 171-227
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 228-284
​Appendix C Photomap Book pages 285-340
​Appendix D I-5 Transmission Corridor Project Underground Route Study
​Appendix E ​Visual Resource Report in Support of the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project EIS
Appendix F Electrical Effects for the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project
Appendix G-I, K-N Front and back cover pages
Appendix G-I, K-N Inside cover page
Appendix G ​Research on Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields and Health
Appendix H ​Environmental Justice Tables
Appendix I ​Cultural Resource Sensitivity Scores
​Appendix J ​Front and back cover pages
Appendix J ​Geologic Assessment – Geologic Hazards, Soil and Slope Gradient, Geology, Shallow Bedrock, Shallow Groundwater
Appendix K ​Assessment of Relative Fish Habitat and Fish Population Impacts
Appendix L ​GIS Wetland Modeling
Appendix M ​Noxious Weed Species List
Appendix N NEPA Disclosure Forms
Map S-1 Alternatives and Options
Map 1-1 ​Alternatives and Options
Map 1-2 ​Regional System Map
Map 2-1 ​Route Segment and Substation Site Development
Map 2-2 ​Project Map November 2010
Map 2-3 ​West Alternative and Options
Map 2-4 ​Central Alternative and Options
Map 2-5 East Alternative and Options
Map 2-6 Crossover Alternative and Options
Map 5-1A Land Ownership
Map 5-1B Land Ownership
Map 5-1C ​Land Ownership
Map 5-1D ​Land Ownership
Map 5-2A Land Use
Map 5-2B Land Use
Map 5-2C ​Land Use
Map 5-2D Land Use
Map 6-1A ​Recreation
Map 6-1B ​Recreation
Map 6-1C Recreation
Map 6-1D ​Recreation
Map 6-1E ​Recreation Insert Maps for Maps 6-1C and 6-1D
Map 7-1 ​Viewpoints
Map 12-1A ​Transportation Resources
Map 12-1B ​Transportation Resources
Map 12-1C ​Transportation Resources
Map 12-1D ​Transportation Resources
Map 14-1A ​Mapped Landslides and Landslide Potential
​Map 14-1B ​Mapped Landslides and Landslide Potential
Map 14-1C ​Mapped Landslides and Landslide Potential
Map 14-1D Mapped Landslides and Landslide Potential
Map 14-2A Soil Erosion Hazard Potential
Map 14-2B Soil Erosion Hazard Potential
Map 14-2C ​Soil Erosion Hazard Potential
Map 14-2D ​Soil Erosion Hazard Potential
Map 15-1 ​Watersheds
Map 15-2A ​Surface Water Resources
Map 15-2B ​Surface Water Resources
Map 15-2C ​Surface Water Resources
Map 15-2D ​Surface Water Resources
Map 15-3 Groundwater Resources
Map 15-4 Well and Wellhead Protection Areas
Map 16-1A Wetlands
Map 16-1B Wetlands
Map 16-1C Wetlands
Map 16-1D Wetlands
Map 16-2A Wetland Quality
Map 16-2B ​Wetland Quality
Map 16-2C Wetland Quality
Map 16-2D Wetland Quality
Map 17-1A Vegetation
Map 17-1B ​Vegetation
Map 17-1C ​Vegetation
Map 17-1D ​Vegetation
Map 18-1A ​High Value Native Wildlife Habitats
Map 18-1B ​High Value Native Wildlife Habitats
Map 18-1C ​High Value Native Wildlife Habitats
Map 18-1D ​High Value Native Wildlife Habitats
Map 19-1A ​Fish
Map 19-1B ​Fish
​Map 19-1C ​Fish
Map 19-1D ​Fish
Map 26-1 ​Reasonably Foreseeable Future Projects