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IPR Public Meeting
Start Time5/28/2014 1:00 PM
End Time5/28/2014 5:00 PM
The IPR process allows interested parties to see all relevant FCRPS expense and capital spending level estimates in the same forum. The IPR occurs every two years, or just prior to each rate case, and provides participants with an opportunity to review and comment on BPA's program level estimates prior to spending levels being set for inclusion in rate cases.
The IPR process will focus on near term expense levels. The 2014 IPR will address BPA’s proposed program spending levels for the fiscal years (FY) 2016-2017 and include an update to FY 2015 spending levels. The IPR will provide the region with an opportunity to engage in a discussion of BPA’s proposed near-term spending levels before they are used to develop revenue requirements for the FY 2016-2017 rate case.
Phone BridgeIf you are calling into the meeting with a phone that charges long distance, please dial 1-877-937-7541, participant code: 6206785. If you are calling into the meeting from a phone that does not charge long distance, please dial 1-210-234-0647, participa
Location AddressRates Hearing Room
1201 Lloyd Blvd, Suite 200
Portland, OR