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Rules of Procedure Revision Meeting
Start Time2/13/2018 9:00 AM
End Time2/13/2018 12:00 PM
Meeting Number: 906 111 267 
Meeting Password: kPXV84eJ
On February 13, 2018, BPA will hold a customer meeting to discuss BPA’s draft revised Rules of Procedure that will apply to power and transmission rate proceedings and proceedings to establish terms and conditions for transmission service. 
The draft Rules of Procedure will be made available for review the first week in February. 

Background: Over the past several rate cases, BPA and rate case parties have expressed the need to update and modernize BPA’s Rules of Procedure Governing Rate Hearings (vintage 1986), which govern BPA’s power and transmission rate hearings conducted under Section 7(i) of the Northwest Power Act.     
In addition, BPA has recently announced that it will follow the procedural requirements of Section 212(i)(2)(A) of the Federal Power Act to establish the terms and conditions for a new open access transmission tariff.  (Letter to the Region (01/10/2018). Notably, the procedural requirements required in Section 212 for transmission terms and conditions hearings closely align with those under Section 7(i) of the Northwest Power Act for rate case hearings.
Given the similarity in the procedural requirements for these two proceedings, BPA is updating the Rules of Procedure for power and transmission rate proceedings and expanding them to accommodate Section 212 transmission terms and conditions proceedings.
Phone Bridge(517) 966-9295 Passcode: 3838471#
Location AddressBPA Rates Hearing Room, 1201 Lloyd Blvd., Suite 200, Portland, OR