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Curriculum & Activities
BPA offers free publications, videos, curricula and activities for classroom use.  Click the links to download, or contact the BPA Visitor Center to order printed copies:

BPA Film Collection Volume 1, 1939-1954, a two DVD set includes films produced by BPA including “Hydro,” “The Columbia,” “Highline,” “Power Builds Ships,” “25,000 Volts Under the Sea,” and “Look to the River.”  To order, email the BPA Visitor Center
Science Lab
The BPA Science Lab is a series of simple, hands-on science experiments that will spark student interest in science. Science Lab experiments can be used in the classroom or at home, and are suitable for kids in fourth through 12th grades. Each experiment features simple tools and ingredients, and includes download-able instructions.
The Miracle of Electricity
Electricity. You can't see it, yet its power is evident just about everywhere you look. Learn more about this essential resource - from how it is generated and increasingly consumed to what you can do to be a smarter energy user. This information can be used in the classroom or at home, and is suitable for kids in eighth through 12th grades.
Fish and Wildlife
  • The Amazing Journey of Columbia River Salmon - booklet
    This richly illustrated 22-page story book follows the life of a Columbia River Salmon from a tiny stream to the ocean and back again. The booklet discuss salmon habitat, predators and lifecycle, and also provides an overview of the Northwest river system. For independent reading for fourth grade and older, or guided classroom use for younger grades. 




Wind Energy
Energy Efficiency
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