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​Cost Verification for FY 2017 Slice True-up Adjustment Charge [Regionwide]
​BPA is accepting comments through Dec. 11, 2017 on the Composite Cost Pool True-Up table and the Slice True-Up Adjustment, which reflects the pertinent actual expenses and revenue credits for FY 2017. BPA will consider the identification of any Slice True-up Adjustment issue for inclusion in the agreed-upon procedures. AUPs are miscellaneous financial services provided contractually to BPA by an external auditor. BPA will draft the tasks to be included in the AUPs to address any identified issues no later than Dec. 26. The FY 2017 Composite cost pool savings when compared to the Rate Case forecast is $37.3 million.  As a result the FY 2017 Slice True-Up Adjustment that is applicable to Slice customers is a credit of $10.26 million.

For more information, please go to BPA Cost Verification.