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​P-17 Water Conservation Project
​BPA is a cooperating agency in the production of this EA. BLM is the lead agency. BLM's Proposed Action is to grant two ROW authorizations for access and use of public lands for the construction and maintenance of facilities that BPA is funding. BPA's Proposed Action is to fund the relocation of an irrigation diversion; its associated grade-control structure; connecting ditch and access road; and rehabilitation of the old diversion site.  The draft EA has been through internal BPA edit rounds, with edits provided to BLM.  BLM does not release draft EAs for public review, but has a 30-day appeal period. The BLM is preparing their Decision Record; BPA’s FONSI is drafted and has been through internal NCO and legal review.  BPA awaits BLM’s notice of pending release of their decision  so we can timely release our FONSI.