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​BPA 2018-2023 Strategic Plan
BPA 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Cover Art
​Delivering on our public responsibilities through a commercially successful business
This strategic plan is centered on what BPA intends to do in the near term to deliver on our public responsibilities through a commercially successful business.To meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities of a rapidly changing industry, BPA has developed this strategic plan with wide input from the region.
​Strategic Plan Anniversary
​In late January of 2018, Bonneville Power Administration released its 2018-2023 Strategic Plan as a blueprint of how the agency would fulfill its manifold public responsibilities via a commercially successful business. Administrator Elliot Mainzer reflects back on what BPA has accomplished in the first year of the plan as well as where it is headed as Bonneville continues its unique role as an engine of economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in the Northwest.
​Strategic Goals 
  • Strengthen financial health by meeting objectives for cost management, liquidity, debt utilization, debt capacity and credit ratings.
  • Modernize assets and system operations to leverage and enable industry change.
  • Provide competitive power products and services.
  • Meet transmission customer needs efficiently and responsively.
Meeting these strategic goals will require the commitment of the entire BPA management team to foster a safe, positive and inclusive work environment where people feel valued, accountable and enabled to deliver results. BPA is calling on the collective strengths of its entire workforce to implement this strategic plan.
We look forward to continued collaboration with our many partners throughout the region who share an interest in sustaining Bonneville’s role as an engine of the Northwest’s economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.