Hydropower is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

The continuously flowing rivers of the Northwest are supporting your holiday shopping, tree trimming and dinner preparations without you even realizing it.

When you plug in your phone, turn on the microwave or watch your favorite seasonal movie, chances are you may never think twice about the power reliably feeding your devices or wonder where it comes from. Thankfully, our iconic Northwest rivers are always hard at work, giving us some of the nation’s most affordable, dependable and cleanest electricity in the nation.

On average, hydropower provides 57% of the power to homes and businesses across the Northwest. In some parts of the region, hydropower provides upwards of 85% of the energy used.

So what does hydropower mean for your holiday?

  • Hydropower’s affordability means more money in your pocket to spend on making holiday memories.
  • You can feel good knowing that a clean energy source fuels your all-night holiday light displays.
  • A constantly flowing river means you can rest easy knowing that reliable hydropower ensures your holiday season will be both merry and bright.

Learn more at Hydropower Flows Here.

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