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Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

Comments are numbered consecutively as they are received. Breaks in the number sequence result when comments are deleted because they were submitted in error or have inappropriate content (such as SPAM). If you do not see your comment two business days after you submit it, please contact (800) 622-4519.

BPA has completed the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for its proposed Big Eddy-Knight 500-kilovolt high-voltage transmission line from our existing substation in The Dalles, OR, to a proposed new Knight Substation about four miles northwest of Goldendale, WA. The proposed project is needed to increase the electrical capacity of our system in response to requests for transmission service in this area.

The draft EIS describes the proposed project and why it is needed, identifies BPA’s preferred alternative, discusses the environmental impacts the project would create and lists the mitigation measures that would lessen or eliminate those impacts. Comments on the draft EIS are encouraged and due to BPA by January 28, 2011.

BPA will hold two open-house style public meetings so that BPA staff can collect comments from you, and be available to answer your questions on the draft EIS and project.

Public Meeting Information:
Jan. 11: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Shilo Inn Suites Hotel, 3223 Bret Clodfelter Way, The Dalles , OR 97058.
Jan. 12: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Goldendale High School, 525 E. Simcoe Drive, Goldendale , WA 98620. 
In case of severe weather, please call 800-622-4519 to ensure the meeting has not been cancelled and rescheduled.

Public Meeting Directions:

View previous comments received during the initial public scoping period:

View previous comments received on the project refinements:

For More Information:

Close of comment:  1/28/2011

  • BEKD10002 -  Heiken/Oregon Wild

  • BEKD10003 -  Schimschok

  • BEKD10006 -  Zaremba

  • BEKD10004 -  Hooson

  • BEKD10007 -  Bjergo

  • BEKD10008 -  Trosper/land owner

  • BEKD10009 -  Miller

  • BEKD10010 -  Robbins/U.S. DOI, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Yakama Agency

  • BEKD10011 -  Kissler

  • BEKD10012 -  Wanless

  • BEKD10013 -  Markman

  • BEKD10014 -  Jussila

  • BEKD10015 -  The Dalles Public Meeting Comments

  • BEKD10016 -  Goldendale Public Meeting Comments

  • BEKD10017 -  Paul/Goldendale Resident

  • BEKD10065 -  Dove

  • BEKD10018 -  Armstrong

  • BEKD10019 -  Stover

  • BEKD10020 -  Bloch/none

  • BEKD10021 -  Ray

  • BEKD10022 -  Shaprio

  • BEKD10023 -  Lawton

  • BEKD10024 -  Johnson

  • BEKD10027 -  Jordan

  • BEKD10028 -  Starr

  • BEKD10029 -  Balmuth

  • BEKD10030 -  Hall

  • BEKD10031 -  Deloff

  • BEKD10032 -  Ullman

  • BEKD10033 -  Carter

  • BEKD10034 -  Dukes

  • BEKD10035 -  Dreyer/Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners

  • BEKD10036 -  O'Brien/Department of the Interior

  • BEKD10037 -  Chantler

  • BEKD10038 -  Gadway

  • BEKD10039 -  Savery

  • BEKD10040 -  Reichgott/US Environmental Protection Agency

  • BEKD10041 -  Alexander/Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

  • BEKD10042 -  Posner/Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council

  • BEKD10043 -  Mathey/Department of Ecology, Air Quality

  • BEKD10044 -  Ritter/Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • BEKD10045 -  Clear/Washington Department of Ecology

  • BEKD10046 -  Young/Washington Department of Natural Resources

  • BEKD10047 -  Wright

  • BEKD10048 -  Stanek

  • BEKD10049 -  Harkenrider/US Forest Service

  • BEKD10050 -  Russell

  • BEKD10051 -  Smisken/Chairman, Yakama Nation

  • BEKD10052 -  Smith

  • BEKD10053 -  Pace

  • BEKD10054 -  Till/Friends of the Columbia Gorge

  • BEKD10055 -  Stoops/Oregon Department of Energy

  • BEKD10057 -  Russell

  • BEKD10058 -  Bergeron

  • BEKD10059 -  Form e-mail from 246 Correspondents

    View Attachment

  • BEKD10060 -  Kissler/Kissler Family Trust

  • BEKD10061 -  Foerstermann

  • BEKD10062 -  Harris/Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

  • BEKD10063 -  Schimschok

  • BEKD10064 -  Griswold

  • BEKD10066 -  Till/Friends of the Columbia Gorge

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