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Energy Efficiency Post 2011 Implementation Proposal

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BPA committed to addressing numerous functions of the agency that are fundamentally impacted by the long-term contracts.  Energy Efficiency is affected because tiered rates provide a financial incentive for utilities to acquire the least-cost resources to avoid paying Tier Two rates.  Energy efficiency is a least-cost resource. 

Other factors are drivers for EE as well, such as a region and a national focus on energy independence, climate change and green jobs.  The updated BPA EE program addresses many issues that have been raised by large and small utilities alike. These issues enhance EE efforts to meet increased energy demand, reduce greenhouse gasses, support the economy and jobs and promote energy independence.

BPA has worked extensively with stakeholders to continue the region’s leadership in energy efficiency as part of the Regional Dialogue implementation.  BPA has developed a proposal (the “Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Implementation Proposal”) on post-2011 energy efficiency program implementation details, which has been released and available at the Web site below. 

After the public comment period closes, BPA will finalize the post-2011 implementation details and update the Implementation Manual accordingly on April 1, 2011 to allow six months notice before the program aspects of Phase 2 take effect on October 1, 2011.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  2/18/2011

  • EEIP10001 -  Martin/Longview Fibre

  • EEIP10002 -  nostdal

  • EEIP10004 -  Peterson/Self

  • EEIP10005 -  Charlo/Milton-Freewater City Light and Power

  • EEIP10007 -  Whitaker/Harney Electric cooperative inc

  • EEIP10008 -  Schauer/Oregon Trail Electric Co-op

  • EEIP10009 -  Measure/Northwest Power and Conservation Council

  • EEIP10010 -  Anneberg/North Pacific Paper Corporation

  • EEIP10011 -  Schauer/Oregon Trail Electric Co-op

  • EEIP10012 -  Carpenter/Raft River Rural Elecric Co-op

  • EEIP10013 -  Usibelli/Commerce, Energy Office

  • EEIP10014 -  Dorran/Hermiston Energy Services

  • EEIP10015 -  Vaughn/Ponderay Newsprint Co.

  • EEIP10016 -  Case/Fall River Rural Electric Coop.

  • EEIP10017 -  Dietrich/

  • EEIP10018 -  /Northwest Food Processors Association

  • EEIP10019 -  Moore/Umatilla Electric Cooperative

  • EEIP10020 -  Davies/Central Lincoln PUD

  • EEIP10021 -  Coates/Tacoma Power

  • EEIP10023 -  Peters/Columbia REA

  • EEIP10024 -  Drummond/Western Montana G and T

  • EEIP10025 -  Owens/Columbia River PUD

  • EEIP10026 -  Fulenwider/Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

  • EEIP10027 -  Early/ICNU

  • EEIP10028 -  Sanders/Benton PUD

  • EEIP10029 -  Dizes/Salmon River Electric Cooperative

  • EEIP10030 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • EEIP10031 -  Nelson/Springfield Utility Board

  • EEIP10032 -  Cauchy/Pend Oreille Public Utility District

  • EEIP10033 -  Ashton/Idaho Energy Authority

  • EEIP10034 -  Hagen/Clearwater Power Company

  • EEIP10035 -  Brawley/PNGC Power

  • EEIP10036 -  Skeahan/Cowlitz PUD

  • EEIP10037 -  Francisco/Inland Power

  • EEIP10038 -  Gosvener/Canby Utility

  • EEIP10039 -  Currier/Emerald PUD

  • EEIP10041 -  West/Snohomish PUD

  • EEIP10042 -  Otto/Idaho Conservation League

  • EEIP10043 -  Downen/Public Power Council

  • EEIP10044 -  Welch/EWEB

  • EEIP10045 -  Kern/City of Seattle

  • EEIP10046 -  Clark/Franklin PUD

  • EEIP10047 -  Stull/PECI

  • EEIP10048 -  /Consumers Power, Inc.

  • EEIP10049 -  Reynolds/Wells Rural Electric Company

  • EEIP10050 -  Funke/Fall River Rural Electric Coop.

  • EEIP10051 -  Etzel/Benton Rural Electric Association

  • EEIP10052 -  Hirsh/Northwest Energy Coalition

  • EEIP10053 -  Henderson/ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston

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