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Draft Record of Decision on Environmental Redispatch and Negative Pricing

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BPA has released its draft record of decision on Environmental Redispatch and Negative Pricing Policy for public comment. Comments are due by Friday March 11, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.. You will find BPA’s draft policy here .

As participants in the October and December workshops noted, BPA needs more tools to protect endangered species. That’s why the agency is proposing environmental redispatch. By displacing non-hydro generation in the region with renewable federal hydropower, BPA could maximize hydro generation, reduce spill to protect fish, and allow generators to continue serving their customers. Our proposed policy addresses several key points, including:

BPA is working on other actions that have long-term potential to take advantage of an over-supply of generation, such as: improving transmission capacity when we have excess power, modifying maintenance schedules, and diverting water to replenish irrigation aquifers.

As a last resort, if other voluntary and marketing solutions are not sufficient to help us uphold our environmental and statutory obligations, BPA will direct generators to reduce generation and replace it with federal hydropower at no cost.

BPA is committed to minimizing the impact of environmental redispatch on the generators involved. We would curtail their production only after displacing other available generation.

BPA is hosting an Overgeneration Management workshop on Friday Feb. 25, 2011 from 9:30 to 4:30 in the Rates Hearing Room. For more information,

The meeting will cover a wide range of issues, including the draft record of decision and our overgeneration financial analysis. We will provide an update on the actions the agency is evaluating to avoid having to take these actions. The workshop will include time for questions and input from participants.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  3/11/2011

  • ERP110002 -  Cromwell, Jr./Seattle City Light

  • ERP110003 -  Barker/Wild River Consulting for

  • ERP110004 -  Woodin/Community Renewable Energy Association

  • ERP110005 -  Crossler

  • ERP110006 -  Galle

  • ERP110007 -  Birgisson/NextEra Energy Resources, LLC

  • ERP110008 -  Ford/Save Our Wild Salmon

  • ERP110009 -  Garcia/Tacoma Power

  • ERP110010 -  Andrea/Avista Corporation

  • ERP110011 -  Nelson/Springfield Utility Board

  • ERP110012 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • ERP110013 -  Jacobs/Public Generating Pool

  • ERP110014 -  Deren/Snohomish PUD

  • ERP110015 -  Nelson/Springfield Utility Board

  • ERP110016 -  Nelson/Springfield Utility Board

  • ERP110017 -  Nelson/Springfield Utility Board

  • ERP110018 -  Springer/Vestas Americas

  • ERP110019 -  Baker/Public Power Council

  • ERP110020 -  Neale/Western Public Agencies Group

  • ERP110021 -  Lincoln/TransAlta

  • ERP110022 -  Hall/enXco Development Corporation

  • ERP110023 -  Hall/Horizon Wind Energy LLC

  • ERP110024 -  Lynch/Constellation Energy

  • ERP110025 -  Towner/PNGC Power

  • ERP110026 -  Kieffer

  • ERP110027 -  Apperson/PacifiCorp

  • ERP110028 -  Skidmore/Iberdrola Renewables, Inc.

  • ERP110029 -  Heutte/NW Energy Coalition

  • ERP110030 -  Skeahan/Cowlitz PUD

  • ERP110031 -  Ryan/Weyerhaeuser

  • ERP110032 -  Lenfest/Sea Breeze Pacific Regional Transmission System

  • ERP110033 -  Mills/Puget Sound Energy

  • ERP110034 -  Shimshak/Renewable Northwest Project

  • ERP110035 -  Duncan/Oregon Global Warming Commission

  • ERP110036 -  Krueger/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • ERP110037 -  Lane/Northwest and Intermountain Powr Producers Coalition

  • ERP110038 -  Jamieson/Portland General Electric Company

  • ERP110040 -  MacDougall/Powerex Corp.

  • ERP110041 -  Pace, PhD

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