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Lolo Creek Permanent Weir Fish Trapping Facility

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BPA is proposing to fund the replacement of an existing seasonal fish weir with a permanent structure designed to operate safely over a range of flows. The weir will be used to monitor federally-listed Snake River steelhead and for the collection of spring Chinook salmon adults to support on-going supplementation programs in the watershed. Due to icing in the winter and high flows in the spring, the existing seasonal weir cannot be safely deployed during the typical adult steelhead migration period. After construction, the Nez Perce tribe would operate and maintain the weir. 

Lolo Creek has been preliminarily determined to be suitable for Congressional designation into the Wild and Scenic River system, and is considered one of the best whitewater kayaking runs in Idaho. The proposed permanent weir would be designed to maintain the free-flowing nature of Lolo Creek, and the site would be developed to accommodate safe use by kayakers. Please tell us what you think we should consider during the environmental assessment of this proposal.  You may contact Dan Gambetta with BPA at 503-230-3493, or 800-622-4519 or


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