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Proposed rebuild of Midway-Benton No. 1 transmission line

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The Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to rebuild the 115-kV Midway-Benton No. 1 transmission line located in Benton County, Wash. The proposed project lies entirely within the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site. The existing 28-mile-long H-frame wood pole line would be replaced with new wood poles, new conductor, and all associated equipment. As part of the proposal, BPA would possibly reroute approximately 14 miles of transmission line south of the existing right-of-way to move the line off Gable Mountain and Gable Butte. Existing access roads would be improved as needed and new access roads would be constructed where necessary. BPA will conduct an environmental assessment to analyze the potential impacts of this project and identify appropriate mitigations measures. Please tell us what you think we should consider during the environmental assessment of this proposal.

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  • MBT11 0005 -  Fyall/Benton County Commissioners' Office

  • MBT11 0006 -  Meninick/Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation

  • MBT11 0007 -  Unknown

  • MBT11 0008 -  Harris/ CTUIR Department of Science and Engineering

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