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Alvey - Fairview No. 1, 230kV Rebuild

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The Bonneville Power Administration is planning to rebuild the Alvey Fairview No. 1, 230kV transmission line, construction is scheduled for 2013 or 2014. The 97.46 mile transmission line transects Lane, Douglas and Coos Counties, OR. The project includes replacing all wood poles, cross arms, cross braces, guys, anchors, insulator assemblies, and line switches if required. The intention of the project is to rebuild the line while maintaining the same structure locations and similar pole heights as the existing line. An environmental assessment will be conducted to analyze the impacts of this project and identify appropriate mitigations measures. Scoping for the environmental assessment will begin in November 2011. Please tell us what you think we should consider during the environmental assessment of this proposal. The 30 day public comment period closes on Dec. 28, 2011. To learn more about the project go to: or contact Doug Corkran at or call 503-230-7646.


3 public meetings will be held for this project.  Please click on this link for dates and times:


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Close of comment:  12/28/2011

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  • AFR11 0010 -  Cherry

  • AFR11 0011 -  Murphy

  • AFR11 0012 -  Maillard

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  • AFR11 0015 -  Timothy

  • AFR11 0016 -  Bowers

  • AFR11 0017 -  Yost

  • AFR11 0018 -  Hoyt

  • AFR11 0019 -  Sabala/Douglas Electric Cooperative

  • AFR11 0020 -  Koski

  • AFR11 0021 -  Kourttian

  • AFR11 0022 -  Koski/Stagecoach Stop and Turnaround Ranch

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