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Capital Investment Review

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Capital Investment Review Draft Asset Strategies
BPA initiated its Capital Investment Review (CIR) process March 8.  The CIR will focus on draft asset strategies and potential investments in Federal Columbia River power and transmission assets, as well as other significant investment obligations.  A substantial amount of information has been posted for discussion over the next two months. 

Because it is important that we understand and focus on the most important issues for our capital planning, we are offering two separate opportunities for comment—a short-term request for information and a long-term request for technical comments. 

You are welcome to submit multiple entries within this Capital Investment Review comment period category.     

March 8-March 23:  Requests for additional meetings and information
To help BPA gauge the level of interest in specific asset strategies, you are invited to submit recommended topics for subsequent meetings or requests for additional information. 

Submit your request for meeting topics regardless of requests already submitted by others.  All requests for additional information or meetings will be viewable online.  If you wish for your name and/or request to remain confidential, please make note of that in your submission.

In response to comments submitted, meetings will be scheduled for the week of April 16.  Meeting details will be posted on BPA’s Public Calendar.  Responses to requests for additional information will be posted on BPA’s Capital Investment Review.  Requestors will be notified via email when the information is posted. 

March 8-May 4:  Technical Comments on BPA’s draft asset strategies and potential investments
To help inform BPA’s proposal for capital spending in the 2012 Integrated Program Review process, you are invited to review and comment on BPA’s draft asset strategies and potential investments in Federal Columbia River power and transmission assets.  BPA developed draft Asset Management Strategies for capital investment programs for a 10-year investment horizon; the plans will be updated every two years.   Each asset category also includes a prioritized list of major projects driven by criteria described in section 4.5 of the Initial CIR publication.

BPA is releasing these asset strategies well in advance of this summer’s IPR process based on customer feedback after the 2011 Strategic Capital Discussions.  

For More Information:

Close of comment:  5/11/2012

  • CIR12 0002 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • CIR12 0003 -  Cahail/PSE

  • CIR12 0004 -  Fisher/M-S-R

  • CIR12 0005 -  Cromwell, Jr./Seattle City Light

  • CIR12 0006 -  O'Meara/Public Power Council

  • CIR12 0007 -  Hunter/Snohomish County PUD

  • CIR12 0008 -  Yourkowski/Renewable Northwest Project

  • CIR12 0009 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • CIR12 0010 -  Smith/Klickitat PUD

  • CIR12 0011 -  Richardson/Springfield Utility Board

  • CIR12 0012 -  Gerlitz/NW Energy Coalition

  • CIR12 0013 -  O'Meara/Public Power Council

  • CIR12 0014 -  Schneider/Flathead Electric Co-op

  • CIR12 0015 -  Brawley/PNGC Power

  • CIR12 0016 -  Sanger/ICNU

  • CIR12 0017 -  Neale/WPAG

  • CIR12 0018 -  Toulson/Snohomish PUD

  • CIR12 0019 -  Bickford/Public Utility District No. 1 of Benton County

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