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Precedent Transmission Service Agreement (PTSA) Reform Project

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

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BPA has concluded its negotiations with customers seeking to terminate or modify Precedent Transmission Service Agreements and sent each customer a term sheet summarizing the negotiated outcomes.  BPA started posting the final draft of these term sheets for public review and comment on Nov. 26, 2012.  The comment period remains open through Friday, Dec. 14.

The agreements involve termination and redirection of transmission service, and calculation of the value of marketable flowgate capacity that results from the changes.  None of the proposed agreements result in cost transfers to other customers or PTSA holders.

BPA began discussions about PTSA modifications with customers in summer 2011.  The goal of the discussions was to allow customers who requested to modify or withdraw existing PTSAs to do so, provided this resulted in no adverse cost impacts to other customers.  As a result of this public process, BPA has accepted proposals involving approximately 1,200 megawatts of service and several customers.

The service being modified or terminated, plus the return of available flowgate capacity created by these actions that can be remarketed by BPA, keeps the region whole and supports BPA’s consideration of these requests.  Reaching a decision on customer requests to withdraw or terminate PTSAs is an important milestone in BPA’s public discussion with customers regarding broader changes to the content and terms of future PTSAs and the Network Open Season process.

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Close of comment:  12/14/2012

  • PTSA12 0003 -  Bingham/PGEM

  • PTSA12 0004 -  Neale/WPAG

  • PTSA12 0005 -  Baker/Public Power Council

  • PTSA12 0006 -  Scott/PNGC Power

  • PTSA12 0008 -  Hill/Cowlitz PUD

  • PTSA12 0009 -  Burch/Puget Sound Energy

  • PTSA12 0010 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • PTSA12 0011 -  Yourkowski/Renewable Northwest Project

  • PTSA12 0012 -  Espenhorst/Seattle City Light

  • PTSA12 0013 -  Norris/Powerex Corp.

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