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Proposal for interim Residential Exchange Program payments

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

Comments are numbered consecutively as they are received. Breaks in the number sequence result when comments are deleted because they were submitted in error or have inappropriate content (such as SPAM). If you do not see your comment two business days after you submit it, please contact (800) 622-4519.

BPA is seeking public comment on a proposal to provide interim payments to the region's preference customers and investor-owned utilities. The documents include agreements on interim "standstill" payments to public preference customers and an interim relief agreement for IOU residential and small farm consumers. A letter from Mark Gendron also is included; it includes an overview of the proposed agreements.

Documents to review for comment

Background information

For More Information:

Close of comment:  1/7/2008

  • REP0001 -  Vige

  • REP0002 -  Dawsey/Benton Rural Electric Association

  • REP0003 -  Taylor/Mason County Public Utility District

  • REP0004 -  Grainey/Oregon Department of Energy

  • REP0005 -  Rogers/Kittitas Public Utility District

  • REP0006 -  Early/Industrial Customers of NW Utilities

  • REP0007 -  /Canby Utility

  • REP0008 -  Saven/NW Requirements Util

  • REP0009 -  Murphy

  • REP0010 -  Thompson/Public Power Council

  • REP0011 -  Mundorf/Slice Customer

  • REP0012 -  Sidran/WA Utilities

  • REP0013 -  Pace

  • REP0014 -  Bolle/Pacific Northwest Investor-Owned Utilities

  • REP0015 -  Mundorf/Western Public

  • REP0016 -  Culbertson/Grant PUD

  • REP0017 -  Gale/Idaho Power

  • REP0018 -  Eisdorfer/CUB

  • REP0019 -  Pearson/Pend Oreille PUD

  • REP0020 -  Eddy/Grays Harbor

  • REP0021 -  Ffitch

  • REP0022 -  Wittenberg/Skamania PUD

  • REP0023 -  Ryckman/Franklin PUD

  • REP0024 -  Hughes/Assoc of Public Agency

  • REP0025 -  Helgeson/EWEB

  • REP0026 -  Howell/Idaho Public Utilities

  • REP0027 -  Prescott/PNGC Power

  • REP0028 -  Toulson/Snohomish PUD

  • REP0029 -  Carrasco/City of Seattle

  • REP0030 -  Armfield/Tacoma Power

  • REP0031 -  /Oregon Public Utility Commission

  • REP0032 -  Flicker/Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative association

  • REP0033 -  Weller/Ferry County PUD

  • REP0034 -  Benson/Contract Specialist United States Navy

  • REP0035 -  Wood/Mason County PUD No. 3

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