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Boyer-Tillamook Access Road Improvement Project Preliminary EA

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The proposed Boyer-Tillamook Access Road Improvement Project is located in Tillamook and Yamhill counties, Oregon. The proposed project would improve 13 miles of transmission line access roads. Associated activities would include resurfacing roads, adding drainage, widening 3 miles of road, constructing 0.1 mile of new road, maintaining culverts, and constructing outlet ditches and retaining walls. In addition, new bridges would be built, and culverts that currently block fish passage for anadromous and resident fish would be replaced.

The project is necessary because existing access road conditions for this transmission line are in poor condition and do not meet current road standards for safety and operation.

BPA has prepared a preliminary environmental assessment EA to understand the potential impacts of the proposed road improvements and identify ways to reduce those impacts. We would like to hear your views. Please submit your comments so that they may be considered in our decision on this project. 

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