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Clark Fork River Delta River Restoration Project

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The Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to fund the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to restore parts of the Clark Fork River Delta and has prepared a draft environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate whether to fund these activities or not. The draft EA describes the project and why it is needed, discusses the environmental impacts the project would create – including assessment of impacts to the floodplain and wetlands, and lists the mitigation measures that would lessen or eliminate those impacts.

The project is at the confluence of the Clark Fork River with Lake Pend Oreille. Work would include using pieces of woody debris, such as trees with root wads, and rock to help stabilize shorelines; plant native vegetation such as black cottonwood, dogwood and willow; and raise some ground surfaces to create new plant and wildlife habitat. This project is part of restoration efforts in northern Idaho and eastern Washington implemented by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to help mitigate for impacts of the construction, operation, and inundation of the delta by the Albeni Falls hydroelectric project.

The draft EA is available for review and comment online at

If you would like a copy of the 180 page document, please call our toll-free document request line 1-800-622-4520. Please leave a message with the project name, your name, and complete mailing address.

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  • CFDRRP13 0003 -  Carpenter

  • CFDRRP13 0004 -  Lundin

  • CFDRRP13 0005 -  Smith/Idaho Conservation League

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  • CFDRRP13 0007 -  Dooley

  • CFDRRP13 0008 -  Perunti

  • CFDRRP13 0009 -  Jenkins

  • CFDRRP13 0010 -  Seaman

  • CFDRRP13 0011 -  Yonker/Idaho Master Naturalists

  • CFDRRP13 0012 -  Zembryki

  • CFDRRP13 0013 -  Charlton/Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society, Inc.

  • CFDRRP13 0014 -  Lynn

  • CFDRRP13 0015 -  Bolin

  • CFDRRP13 0016 -  Aitken/Kootenai Tribe of Idaho

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  • CFDRRP13 0024 -  Ennis

  • CFDRRP13 0025 -  Beckley

  • CFDRRP13 0026 -  Dicus

  • CFDRRP13 0027 -  Lewis

  • CFDRRP13 0028 -  Hubbard

  • CFDRRP13 0029 -  Fritz

  • CFDRRP13 0030 -  Kelly/Bonner County Board of Commissioners

  • CFDRRP13 0031 -  Santoro

  • CFDRRP13 0032 -  Bergquist/Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

  • CFDRRP13 0033 -  Robinson/Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners

  • CFDRRP13 0034 -  Chowning/Annie's Orchard

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