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Draft Requirement Slice Output Test Deeming Guidance Document

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BPA has now had over two years of experience implementing Slice under the Regional Dialogue contract. Slice product customers are required to demonstrate monthly that a certain amount of power provided under the product is used to serve their load. This monthly requirement is called the Requirement Slice Output Test (RSO Test).

BPA has worked with the Slice customers to develop a Draft RSO Deeming Guidance Document. This document provides better transparency, guidance and predictability about how customers that initially fail an RSO test will be treated under the deeming provisions.

BPA is providing this draft of the guidance document for public review since this was discussed in the Record of Decision for the Regional Dialogue Contract.

After reviewing and responding to comments, BPA will post an updated RSO Deeming Guidance Document early in calendar year 2014.

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Draft RSO Deeming Guidance Document

20-year Regional Dialogue Contracts



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