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Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Review scoping

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

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BPA hosted a meeting Nov. 22, 2013 in Portland to kick off the public process to review and consider improvements to BPA’s energy efficiency policy framework.

BPA updated the draft scoping document and proposed process forward and released it for comment Dec. 9-21, 2013.   

BPA requested that utility customers and stakeholders use this public comment period to:

  • Provide feedback on the issues within scope for the Review
  • Express interest in participating in a workgroup or multiple workgroups
  • Inform BPA of willingness to host regional meetings
  • Sign up to receive future communication regarding the Post-2011 Review

BPA will issue a final scoping document based on comments received. Workgroups will commence in January.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  12/21/2013

  • EER13 0005 -  Miller/Benton REA

  • EER13 0006 -  Blaufus/Clark Public Utilities

  • EER13 0007 -  Karp/The Energy Project

  • EER13 0009 -  Eberdt/The Energy Project

  • EER13 0010 -  Esparza/Franklin PUD

  • EER13 0011 -  Ashton/Idaho Falls Power

  • EER13 0012 -  Robertson/Flathead Electric Cooperative

  • EER13 0013 -  Newton/Flathead Electric Coop

  • EER13 0014 -  Rosolie/Cowlitz PUD

  • EER13 0015 -  Lockhart/Springfield Utility Board

  • EER13 0016 -  Fawcett/Clatskanie PUD

  • EER13 0017 -  Russell/Tacoma Power

  • EER13 0018 -  Lukas/Western MT G&T

  • EER13 0019 -  Zamora/Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho

  • EER13 0020 -  Gerlitz/NW Energy Coalition

  • EER13 0021 -  Brawley/PNGC Power

  • EER13 0023 -  Froehlich/Eugene Water & Electric Board

  • EER13 0024 -  Sanger/ICNU

  • EER13 0025 -  Smith/Snohomish County PUD

  • EER13 0026 -  Neiss/Mission Valley Power

  • EER13 0027 -  Ryan/PNGC Power

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