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Alvey - Fairview Transmission Line Rebuild

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Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has prepared a draft environmental assessment (EA) for our proposed Alvey to Fairview Transmission Line Rebuild. This letter requests your comments on the EA and outlines the project next steps.
As you may know, BPA is proposing to rebuild the Alvey-Fairview 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission line between the cities of Eugene and Coquille in Lane, Douglas and Coos counties, Oregon.  The 97 mile-long rebuild would include replacement of all wood-pole structures, including cross arms, cross braces, guy wires, anchors, insulator assemblies, and switches.  Some existing access roads would be improved to accommodate construction equipment and some new road access would be acquired or constructed in areas where access is not available.  The line would continue to operate at 230-kV.

Draft EA
The draft EA describes the project and why it is needed, discusses the environmental impacts the project would create, and lists the mitigation measures that would lessen or eliminate those impacts.  The EA is available for review and comment; you may access it online at  If you would like a hard copy (about 200 pages), please call our toll-free document request line 1-800-622-4520.  Please leave a message with the project name, your name, and complete mailing address.

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  • AFTLR14 0001 -  Hackett

  • AFTLR14 0002 -  Wheeler/Coquille Indian Tribe

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  • AFTLR14 0005 -  Citizen2

  • AFTLR14 0006 -  Gathow

  • AFTLR14 0007 -  Bellamy

  • AFTLR14 0008 -  Nash

  • AFTLR14 0009 -  Langdon

  • AFTLR14 0010 -  Johnson

  • AFTLR14 0011 -  Romoser/Coquille Canoe Club

  • AFTLR14 0012 -  Brady

  • AFTLR14 0013 -  Robison

  • AFTLR14 0014 -  Gaskins

  • AFTLR14 0015 -  Allen

  • AFTLR14 0016 -  Bowers

  • AFTLR14 0017 -  Talburt

  • AFTLR14 0018 -  Etzel

  • AFTLR14 0019 -  /Coos Bay BLM

  • AFTLR14 0020 -  Paulete/Eugene District BLM

  • AFTLR14 0021 -  Williams/USDA NRCS

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