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Pacific Direct Current Intertie Upgrade draft EA

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BPA released the draft environmental assessment for the proposed Pacific Direct Current Intertie Upgrade.

BPA is proposing to upgrade equipment on the Celilo-Sylmar 500-kilovolt transmission line. The line runs from the Celilo converter station in The Dalles, Ore. to the Nevada-Oregon border (265 miles), where BPA’s ownership of the 846-mile line terminates. The upgrades would increase the PDCI transfer capability from its current 3100 megawatt (MW) capacity to 3220 MW and would improve reliability and performance of the aging direct current line.

The draft EA describes the project, why it is needed, and discusses the environmental impacts the project would create.  It also lists mitigation measures that would lessen or eliminate those impacts. The EA is available for review and comment through March 3, 2014.

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Close of comment:  3/3/2014

  • DCEA14 0001 -  Condron

  • DCEA14 0002 -  Raasch

  • DCEA14 0003 -  Jackson

  • DCEA14 0004 -  Robinson

  • DCEA14 0005 -  Schmidt

  • DCEA14 0006 -  Heiken/Oregon Wild

  • DCEA14 0007 -  Hartman/Oregon Dept. of State Lands

  • DCEA14 0008 -  Dobric/Oregon Natural Desert Association

  • DCEA14 0009 -  Young/US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • DCEA14 0011 -  /Lakeview and Prineville BLM Districts

  • DCEA14 0012 -  Martin/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • DCEA14 0013 -  Pace

  • DCEA14 0014 -  Pace2

  • DCEA14 0015 -  Pace3

  • DCEA14 0016 -  Churchill/Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

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