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Lyle Falls fish passage project

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The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Lyle Falls Fish Passage Project located on the lower Klickitat River in Klickitat County, Washington is available for public review. A final EIS is expected to be issued in the fall of 2008. BPA expects to issue a record of decision in December 2008.

The proposed action would modify the existing fishway and be designed to safely and more effectively allow adult fish to move through the existing Lyle Falls into spawning areas of the upper reaches of the Klickitat River. The project would facilitate collection and monitoring of biological information for future fishery management.

BPA will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at the Lyle Lions Club Community Center. During the meeting, BPA and others involved in the project will present an overview of the draft EIS, discuss the project, reply to questions and receive comments.

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  • LFP0003 -  Jim/C.T.U.I.R.

  • LFP0001 -  Weiler/WDFW Habitat Biologist

  • LFP0002 -  Neet/WA State Department of Ecology

  • LFP0004 -  Dave

  • LFP0005 -  Jr./Klickitat Chief

  • LFP0006 -  Jackson

  • LFP0007 -  Enz

  • LFP0008 -  Rai/US Department of the Interior

  • LFP0009 -  Clear/State of Washington

  • LFP0010 -  Rigdon/Yakama Nation, Natural Resources Program

  • LFP0011 -  Essley

  • LFP0012 -  Easterbrooks/YKFP Policy Representative

  • LFP0013 -  Gonzales/Fish and Wildlife Service

  • LFP0014 -  Reichgott/US EPA

  • LFP0015 -  Sleeger/US Department of the Interior

  • LFP0016 -  Turner/National Marine Fisheries Service

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