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Hooper Springs Transmission Project Supplemental Draft EIS

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

Comments are numbered consecutively as they are received. Breaks in the number sequence result when comments are deleted because they were submitted in error or have inappropriate content (such as SPAM). If you do not see your comment two business days after you submit it, please contact (800) 622-4519.

BPA is accepting comments on the supplemental draft environmental impact statement (SDEIS) for the proposed Hooper Springs Transmission Project in Caribou County, Idaho. The project is needed to improve system reliability in the southern portion of Lower Valley Energy’s (LVE) transmission system and to address ongoing load growth in southeast Idaho and northwestern Wyoming. The project would include building a new 115-kilovolt transmission line that would extend from BPA’s proposed Hooper Springs Substation near the city of Soda Springs, Idaho, to either an existing Lower Valley Energy substation or a proposed BPA connection facility in northeastern Caribou County. 

BPA released a supplemental draft EIS May 1, 2014 for public review and comment. An open-house public meeting was held on May 27, 2014 in Soda Springs, ID to answer questions and accept comments on the scope of the supplemental draft EIS. 

For More Information:

Close of comment:  8/7/2014

  • HSTP214 0001 -  Crane1

  • HSTP214 0002 -  Crane2

  • HSTP214 0003 -  Lewis/Lewis Bros. Inc.

  • HSTP214 0004 -  May 27 public meeting comments

  • HSTP214 0005 -  Gomez

  • HSTP214 0006 -  Godfrey

  • HSTP214 0007 -  Crane3

  • HSTP214 0008 -  Dredge/Mountain States Insurance

  • HSTP214 0009 -  Perschon

  • HSTP214 0010 -  Smith/Tucker Torgesen Farms

  • HSTP214 0011 -  Godfrey

  • HSTP214 0012 -  Case/Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative

  • HSTP214 0013 -  Kackley

  • HSTP214 0014 -  Wilde/Carter Family Representative

  • HSTP214 0016 -  Torgesen1/Farmer/Engineer

  • HSTP214 0018 -  Bauer/Agrium

  • HSTP214 0019 -  Drewien

  • HSTP214 0020 -  Prouty/J.R. Simplot Company

  • HSTP214 0021 -  Mladenka/Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

  • HSTP214 0022 -  Somsen/Caribou County Commissioners

  • HSTP214 0023 -  Rinaldi/Greater Yellowstone Coalition

  • HSTP214 0024 -  Torgesen3

  • HSTP214 0025 -  Cole1

  • HSTP214 0026 -  Torgesen4

  • HSTP214 0027 -  Cole2

  • HSTP214 0028 -  Torgesen5/Student/Mentor/Farmer

  • HSTP214 0029 -  Cole3/Cole Farms

  • HSTP214 0030 -  Robison1/Idaho Conservation League

  • HSTP214 0034 -  OBrien/Department of the Interior

  • HSTP214 0035 -  Mbabaliye/Environmental Protection Agency Region 10

  • HSTP214 0037 -  Chatburn/Idaho Office of Energy Resources

  • HSTP214 0038 -  Anonymous comment

  • HSTP214 0039 -  Martinez/The Shoshone Bannock Tribes

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