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Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Review Proposed Revisions

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

Comments are numbered consecutively as they are received. Breaks in the number sequence result when comments are deleted because they were submitted in error or have inappropriate content (such as SPAM). If you do not see your comment two business days after you submit it, please contact (800) 622-4519.

The Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Review is a public process to refine and improve the BPA Energy Efficiency Post-2011 framework. BPA invites its public power customers and regional stakeholders to participate in the process. Five work groups convened from January through May. BPA held regional meetings in Tacoma and Eugene to provide work groups with opportunities to share progress and discuss issues with a broader audience of stakeholders. Workgroups presented their recommendations at a public meeting on May 8 in Kennewick.

After considering workgroup recommendations, BPA proposes revisions to the March 2011 Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Implementation Program. The proposed revisions are captured in the Proposed Revisions to the BPA Energy Efficiency Post-2011 Implementation Program (Proposed Revisions). BPA is seeking public review and comment on the Proposed Revision.

After considering public comments, BPA will make a final decision, update the Implementation Program, and prepare for the implementation of the changes, including updating the Implementation Manual.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  7/19/2014

  • EEPRPR14 0002 -  Kueny/Community Action Partnership of Oregon

  • EEPRPR14 0003 -  Freeman/EWEB

  • EEPRPR14 0005 -  Kinnaman/CAPECO

  • EEPRPR14 0006 -  Hanks/City of Ashland

  • EEPRPR14 0007 -  Esparza/Franklin PUD

  • EEPRPR14 0008 -  Anthon/City of Rupert, Idaho

  • EEPRPR14 0009 -  Bradbury/Northwest Power and Conservation Council

  • EEPRPR14 0010 -  Zamora/Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho

  • EEPRPR14 0037 -  Sieler/Tillamook PUD

  • EEPRPR14 0011 -  Sieler/Tillamook PUD

  • EEPRPR14 0012 -  James/Wells Rural Electric Company

  • EEPRPR14 0013 -  Thurman/Monmouth Power & Light

  • EEPRPR14 0014 -  Edgemon/City of Richland, Energy Services

  • EEPRPR14 0015 -  Holzgrove/Mason County PUD 3

  • EEPRPR14 0016 -  Webb/Lower Valley Energy

  • EEPRPR14 0017 -  Armstrong/Big Bend Electric Coop

  • EEPRPR14 0018 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • EEPRPR14 0019 -  Lukas/Western MT G&T

  • EEPRPR14 0020 -  Schumacher/Benton PUD

  • EEPRPR14 0021 -  Russell/Tacoma Power

  • EEPRPR14 0022 -  Payne/Washington State Department of Commerce

  • EEPRPR14 0023 -  Conger/NWCPUD

  • EEPRPR14 0024 -  Ashton/Idaho Energy Authority

  • EEPRPR14 0025 -  Fawcett/Clatskanie PUD

  • EEPRPR14 0026 -  Downen/Public Power Council

  • EEPRPR14 0027 -  Ryan/PNGC Power

  • EEPRPR14 0028 -  Gerlitz/NW Energy Coalition

  • EEPRPR14 0031 -  Schneider/Midstate Electric Cooperative

  • EEPRPR14 0032 -  Neale/WPAG

  • EEPRPR14 0033 -  West/Snohomish County PUD No. 1

  • EEPRPR14 0034 -  Wilcox/Cascade Energy, Inc.

  • EEPRPR14 0035 -  Weber/ICNU

  • EEPRPR14 0036 -  Currier/Emerald People's Utility District

  • EEPRPR14 0038 -  Gerlitz/NW Energy Coalition

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