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Northern Mid-Columbia Joint Project

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In mid- November BPA released the draft environmental assessment (EA) for the proposed Northern Mid- Columbia Joint Project. If constructed, this proposed 230-kV transmission line and associated facilities would be located in the northern mid-Columbia area of Washington State, south of Wenatchee.  The draft EA describes the project and why it is needed, discusses the environmental impacts the project could create, and describes mitigation measures that would avoid or lessen those impacts.  

BPA welcomes public comments on the draft EA beginning November 17. Interested parties should send comments on the draft EA to BPA by January 14, 2015.  All comments will be posted in their entirety on the project website.
Public meetings:  December, 2014
BPA and Douglas PUD have scheduled two informal, open-house meetings to answer questions and accept comments on the draft EA for the proposed project.  Meeting times and locations are:

Tuesday,  December 9,  2014
4:30 to 7 p.m.
Rock Island Elementary School
5645  Rock  Island  Road
Rock  Island,  Wash.  98850

Wednesday,  December  10,  2014
4:30 to 7 p.m.
Alcoa  Inc.  Production  Facility
6200  Malaga / Alcoa  Hwy.
Malaga,  Wash.  98828


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Close of comment:  1/30/2015

  • NMCJP14 0002 -  Theiler/Douglas County, WA

  • NMCJP14 0003 -  Multiple comments

  • NMCJP14 0004 -  /US Environmental Protection Agency Region 10

  • NMCJP14 0005 -  BLM/Bureau of Land Management Wenatchee

  • NMCJP14 0006 -  Pace

  • NMCJP14 0007 -  Bowman/Chelan County PUD

  • NMCJP14 0008 -  Ritter/Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • NMCJP14 0009 -  McDowell/US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • NMCJP14 0010 -  Meninick/Yakama Nation

  • NMCJP14 0011 -  BLM/Bureau of Land Management Wenatchee

  • NMCJP14 0012 -  Palmer/Washington Department of Natural Resources

  • NMCJP14 0013 -  Moura/Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

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