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Cost forecasts for FY 2009—Integrated Program Review

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BPA committed last year to establish a process that ensures its customers and stakeholders have regular access to clear and transparent financial information as well as frequent opportunities for meaningful input into BPA cost and program decisions.  In May, BPA began one portion of this new process – the Integrated Program Review – with a series of workshops at which utility general managers, technical and analytical staff, and the general public can provide input on future costs. Via the IPR, BPA is now accepting public comment on cost forecasts for FY 2009 for use in the on-going supplemental Power rate case.  BPA will consider the input received as it establishes program costs for the supplemental FY 2009 power rate case.   

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Close of comment:  6/19/2008

  • IPR0001 -  Chair/Northwest Power and Conservation Council

  • IPR0002 -  Drury

  • IPR0003 -  /edelson

  • IPR0004 -  Koenings/Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • IPR0005 -  Price/Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

  • IPR0006 -  Rien/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • IPR0007 -  IPR0008/Montana FWP

  • IPR0008 -  Coordinator/Montana FWP

  • IPR0009 -  Jr./Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

  • IPR0010 -  Armstrong/Tocoma Power

  • IPR0011 -  Shimshak/Renewable Northwest Project

  • IPR0012 -  Lovely/Grays Harbor PUD

  • IPR0013 -  /Public Power Orzanizations

  • IPR0014 -  /Public Power Council

  • IPR0015 -  /NW Energy Coalition

  • IPR0016 -  Toulson/Snohomish County PUD

  • IPR0017 -  Gregg/Benton PUD

  • IPR0018 -  Toulson/Snohomish County PUD

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