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Melvin R. Sampson Hatchery, Yakima Basin Coho Project

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BPA will be preparing an environmental impact statement to analyze the effects of the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation’s proposed Melvin R. Sampson Hatchery. The hatchery would be located on the 50-acre Holmes Ranch property that is owned by the Yakama Nation and located in Kittitas County, Wash. The project would include construction of hatchery and administration buildings, fish holding and spawning facilities, a water intake pump using an existing irrigation canal, three new groundwater wells, a waste treatment pond and two residences for hatchery staff. Hatchery operations would include incubation and rearing of up to 200,000 juvenile coho salmon for release in the Yakima and Naches rivers. The goal of the project is to enhance fish populations available for harvest and to aid in re-establishing a naturally spawning coho salmon population in the Yakima Basin. Your input will help us better assess the environmental impacts of this proposed project. Please share your thoughts and opinions and tell us what topics should be considered as part of the environmental analysis.

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