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Columbia Estuary Ecosystem Restoration Program 2016

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BPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed a draft environmental assessment (EA) of the Columbia Estuary Ecosystem Restoration Program. Estuary restoration activities are currently reviewed on an individual basis. The agencies are now proposing to review the projects together as part of a program, to reduce the time needed to conduct environmental review and reduce duplicative environmental analysis without compromising environmental protections. The effects of moving toward this programmatic approach are discussed in the draft EA available on the project website.

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  • CERP 0002 -  O'Connor

  • CERP 0004 -  Larson

  • CERP 0005 -  Nash/Oregon Farm Bureau

  • CERP 0006 -  Shellenberger/Yakama Nation

  • CERP 0007 -  Gordon/Cowlitz Indian Tribe

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