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Crystal Springs Hatchery Program 2017

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The Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Forest Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and the Shoshone Bannock Tribes have prepared a draft environmental impact statement analyzing the potential effects of the proposed Crystal Springs Hatchery Program in Bingham County, Custer County, and Lemhi County, Idaho. BPA is considering whether to fund the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to build and operate the fish hatchery and related fish production and release programs. The draft environmental impact statement discusses the environmental effects expected from facility construction and program operations. The Hatchery Program would produce up to one million Chinook salmon smolts and 5,000 Yellowstone cutthroat trout to provide harvest opportunities for Tribal and non-Tribal tribal fishers in the Snake River basin and to contribute to the efforts to restore naturally naturally-spawning populations of Chinook salmon. Your feedback helps better assess the environmental impacts of the proposed project and your involvement is an important part of the National Environmental Policy Act. BPA also is accepting comments on the proposed project through June 26, 2017.

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Close of comment:  6/26/2017

  • CSHP17 0001 -  Bullock/Mile High Outfitters

  • CSHP17 0002 -  Pace

  • CSHP17 0003 -  Mattson McDonald

  • CSHP17 0004 -  Mattson McDonald

  • CSHP17 0005 -  Werelus/Shoshone-Bannock Tribe

  • CSHP17 0006 -  O'Brien/US Dept of Interior

  • CSHP17 0007 -  Simpson

  • CSHP17 0008 -  Gibson/Trout Unlimited

  • CSHP17 0009 -  Gibson/Trout Unlimited

  • CSHP17 0010 -  Gibson/Trout Unlimited

  • CSHP17 0011 -  Kiefer/IDFG

  • CSHP17 0012 -  Lusher/Blackbird Mine Site Group

  • CSHP17 0013 -  Nogi/EPA

  • CSHP17 0014 -  Small/Fort Hall Business Council, Shoshone Bannock Tribes

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