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Marys Peak Communications Site Project

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

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In 2016, BPA initiated an environmental assessment (EA) process for the Marys Peak Communications Site Project under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). During the initial Project scoping period held in the fall of 2016, BPA requested comments on the proposal and hosted a public meeting in Philomath, Ore.. BPA reviewed all comments and based in part on the public’s input, BPA expanded its consideration of potential alternatives for the Project. The following alternatives will now be analyzed in detail in the EA: 1. No Action (the communications sites would not be maintained or upgraded); 2A. Marys Peak at Existing BPA Site – BPA Albany Substation; 2B. Marys Peak at Existing BPA Site – BPA Prospect Hill Site; 3A. Marys Peak Colocate at New USFS Site – BPA Albany Substation; 3B. Marys Peak Colocate at New USFS Site – BPA Prospect Hill Site; 4. West Point Spur Colocate at Existing Consumer’s Power, Inc. Site – BPA Prospect Hill Site; 5. West Point Spur Proposed New BPA Site – BPA Prospect Hill Site. BPA opened this additional public scoping comment period and together with the USFS and BLM will host a Jan. 25 public scoping meeting to provide an overview of the Project need, and the alternatives considered, including those eliminated from further consideration. The draft EA will be available for review and comment in early 2019 and the final agency decision will be made after taking all comments into consideration. During the EA process, BPA is coordinating and consulting with tribes, federal, state and local agencies, landowners, and interest groups. Both the USFS and the BLM are participating as cooperating agencies on the EA. More information about the project and the Jan. 25 public meeting can be found at the link provided.

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Close of comment:  2/21/2018

  • MRYSPEA180001 -  Yeager

  • MRYSPEA180002 -  Moorefield

  • MRYSPEA180003 -  Peary

  • MRYSPEA180004 -  Collett

  • MRYSPEA180005 -  Owrey

  • MRYSPEA180006 -  Foltz

  • MRYSPEA180007 -  Foster

  • MRYSPEA180008 -  Pace

  • MRYSPEA180009 -  Small/self

  • MRYSPEA180010 -  Stroup/United States

  • MRYSPEA180011 -  foster/resident of Chase Orchards

  • MRYSPEA180012 -  Swanson

  • MRYSPEA180013 -  Gray/public

  • MRYSPEA180014 -  Filson/United States

  • MRYSPEA180015 -  Briskey

  • MRYSPEA180016 -  Blanchard

  • MRYSPEA180017 -  Webb/United States

  • MRYSPEA180018 -  Wilcox

  • MRYSPEA180019 -  Hays

  • MRYSPEA180020 -  stemmann

  • MRYSPEA180021 -  Foster/United States

  • MRYSPEA180022 -  Crook/United States

  • MRYSPEA180023 -  Bergevin/United States

  • MRYSPEA180024 -  Foster

  • MRYSPEA180025 -  Eckert/Marys Peak Alliance of AFRANA

  • MRYSPEA180026 -  Arrington

  • MRYSPEA180027 -  Hays

  • MRYSPEA180028 -  Feinberg

  • MRYSPEA180029 -  Higgins/Benton County Sheriff's Office

  • MRYSPEA180030 -  Ripley/Oregon Trail Runs

  • MRYSPEA180031 -  Ripley/Team Dirt A Chapter Of IMBA

  • MRYSPEA180032 -  Hackleman/BCARES

  • MRYSPEA180033 -  Haberkorn/Corvallis 9-1-1

  • MRYSPEA180034 -  Ruby/United States

  • MRYSPEA180035 -  Cafazzo

  • MRYSPEA180036 -  McAvoy/Corvallis Chapter of the NPSO

  • MRYSPEA180037 -  Heiken

  • MRYSPEA180038 -  Foster

  • MRYSPEA180039 -  Emery/Corvallis Fire and Rescue

  • MRYSPEA180040 -  Glassmire/Corvallis OR City Council

  • MRYSPEA180041 -  Cafazzo

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