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Grand Coulee Line Replacement Project

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BPA has been asked by the Bureau of Reclamation to design and construct six new 500-kV transmission lines at Grand Coulee Dam. These proposed new overhead lines would replace six existing underground lines. The new lines would transfer power that is generated at the third powerhouse, across the Columbia River to the visitor center area, and then proceed uphill where they will connect to existing lines that transfer power from this area into the Regional power grid. The project would help ensure safe and reliable transmission of power from Grand Coulee Dam.


To understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, BPA and Reclamation will prepare an environmental assessment. In the EA we will study potential impacts on the natural and built environment caused by the proposed project and any alternatives, including the no-action alternative.


BPA and the Bureau of Reclamation will hold two joint public meetings to receive comments on the scope of the EA and the potential impacts of the proposed project.


Public scoping meeting information:


For More Information:

Close of comment:  9/14/2009

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  • GCL090002 -  /Snow

  • GCL090003 -  Hensley/Chamber

  • GCL090004 -  Hamilton

  • GCL090005 -  Comments/Grand Coulee August 11 Open House

  • GCL090006 -  Meyer

  • GCL090007 -  Ellis

  • GCL090008 -  Edwards

  • GCL090009 -  Chrysler

  • GCL090010 -  Chrysler

  • GCL090011 -  CCIM/Bradley Commercial Real Estate

  • GCL090012 -  Sanders/Benton PUD

  • GCL090019 -  Denson/myself

  • GCL090021 -  Richards

  • GCL090022 -  Richards

  • GCL090023 -  Alling/King's Court RV Park, GCD Area Chamber of Commerce Board member, Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway-chair

  • GCL090024 -  Hunter/Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce

  • GCL090026 -  comments/Grand Coulee July 16 Open House

  • GCL090027 -  Marrs

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