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EE Post-2011 Proposal

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

Comments are numbered consecutively as they are received. Breaks in the number sequence result when comments are deleted because they were submitted in error or have inappropriate content (such as SPAM). If you do not see your comment two business days after you submit it, please contact (800) 622-4519.

For more than a year, BPA has conducted the Energy Efficiency Post-2011 public process to develop a framework to facilitate the continued successful development and acquisition of energy efficiency in the Northwest at the lowest cost to the region.

This collaborative public process included BPA, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, utilities, individuals and numerous policy leaders. The process generated a robust dialogue about the framework's needs and constraints. through a variety of forums. BPA has encouraged the participation of all stakeholders in the region to help shape this framework.

Using information gathered in the public process, BPA has drafted a proposed framework to define the Agency's future role in meeting public power's share of the conservation targets set out in the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's latest Power Plan.

BPA seeks public comment on this proposal. You are invited to attend any of the five public meetings we will hold around the region or submit your comments on this web site.

April 19 - Spokane, WA; Hampton Inn, 2010 South Assembly Road, Spokane, WA; 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

April 20 - Portland, OR; Rates Hearing Room, BPA Headquarters, 905 NE 11th Ave, Portland, OR; 9:00 am to 12:00 pm; Phone Bridge: 877-336-1839; Access Code: 2305557

April 22 – Pasco, WA; Holiday Inn Express, 4525 Convention Place, Pasco, WA; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

April 23 - Idaho Falls, ID, Red Lion on the Falls, 475 River Parkway, Idaho Falls, ID; 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

April 28 - Missoula, MT, Hilton Garden Inn Missoula, 3720 North Reserve Street, 2 to 5 p.m.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  5/26/2010

  • EEP100007 -  Dorse

  • EEP100008 -  darlain

  • EEP100010 -  Measure/Northwest Power and Conservation Council

  • EEP100011 -  Broderick

  • EEP100012 -  Akin/none

  • EEP100013 -  Russel/Tacoma Power

  • EEP100014 -  Weiss/NW Energy Coalition

  • EEP100015 -  Early/Industrial Customers of NW Utilities

  • EEP100016 -  Mundorf, Attorney/Western Public Agencies Group

  • EEP100017 -  Corwin/Public Power Council

  • EEP100018 -  Boorman/City of Bonners Ferry

  • EEP100019 -  Talley/Flathead Electric Cooperative

  • EEP100020 -  Ashton/Idaho Energy Authority

  • EEP100021 -  Smith/Snohomish PUD

  • EEP100022 -  Saven/NRU

  • EEP100023 -  Rosolie/PNGC Power

  • EEP100024 -  McClure/McClure Engineering, Inc.

  • EEP100025 -  Drummond/Western Montana Electric Generating and Transmission Cooperative, Inc.

  • EEP100026 -  Clark/Franklin PUD

  • EEP100027 -  Welch/Eugene Water and Electric Board

  • EEP100028 -  Skeahan/Cowlitz County PUD

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