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2010 Integrated Program Review

The following comments were submitted in response to the open comment period described below.

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The 2010 IPR process is designed to provide customers and interested parties an opportunity to review, discuss, and provide meaningful comment on: 2010 Draft Long Term Asset Strategies for Transmission, Federal Hydro, Information Technology (IT) and Facilities. Specifically, comments may address the following:

  * Current proposed expense spending levels for FY 2012-2013.

  * Current proposed capital investment levels for FY 2012-2017.

  * Updated FY 2011 proposed program spending level forecasts.

  * Reduction scenarios addressing the impacts of lower  expense spending levels for major programs in FY 2012-2013

We have expanded our discussion of asset strategies in this IPR and adjusted the timing to take place at the beginning of the process. We think it is important to have this context prior to discussing proposed capital spending levels.

Based on feedback received during the 2008 IPR, the 2010 IPR process will, again, consist of a series of technical and managerial workshops covering the major program categories for Power, Transmission and Agency Services.

For More Information:

Close of comment:  7/29/2010

  • IPR100001 -  Farrow Ferman/Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

  • IPR100002 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • IPR100003 -  Goode/Mission Valley Power

  • IPR100005 -  Langer/Northern Wasco PUD

  • IPR100006 -  Toulson/Snohomish County PUD

  • IPR100016 -  Finley/Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

  • IPR100018 -  Measure/Northwest Power and Conservation Council

  • IPR100019 -  Owens, PE/Columbia River PUD

  • IPR100027 -  Shimshak/Renewable Northwest Project

  • IPR100033 -  Dawsey/Benton Rural Electric Association

  • IPR100036 -  Saven/Northwest Requirements Utilities

  • IPR100037 -  Drummond/wmgt

  • IPR100038 -  Rodewald/GCPHA

  • IPR100039 -  Norris/Eugene Water and Electric Board

  • IPR100040 -  Kern/Seattle City Light

  • IPR100042 -  Sugden/Flathead Electric Cooperative

  • IPR100043 -  Muller/Lewis County Public Utility District

  • IPR100044 -  Early/Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities

  • IPR100045 -  Coates/Tacoma Power

  • IPR100046 -  OMeara/Public Power Council

  • IPR100047 -  Corwin/Public Power Council

  • IPR100048 -  Hirsh/NW Energy Coalition

  • IPR100049 -  Arthur/on behalf of MSR Public Power Agency

  • IPR100050 -  Mundorf/Western Public Agencies Group

  • IPR100051 -  Toulson/Snohomish County PUD

  • IPR100052 -  Prescott/PNGC Power

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