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Get InvolvedGet Involved BPA invites your comments on public processes, programs and projects. You can submit public comments here on-line or mail them to: BPA, P.O. Box 14428, Portland, OR 97293-4428. Please call us at 800-622-4519 if you are experiencing technical difficulties uploading your comment or attachments.

Cost Verification Process for FY 2015 Slice True-up Adjustment Charge – 3rd Comment Period

BPA’s response to comments received during the second CVP comment period are provided in the document at the link below. All customers may review and provide written comment until Feb. 11, 2016. A conference call to discuss the CVP process and additional issues is scheduled for February 12, 1:00 PM. Call in number: 1- 210-453-6790 PASSCODE: 5828889# When you are listening, please mute your line to reduce background noise on the bridge. Dial *6 to mute or un-mute your line.

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    Comment Period Ends  2/11/2016

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Kalispell-Kerr (EA) Transmission Line Rebuild Project

Bonneville Power Administration has prepared a draft environmental assessment (EA) for the proposed Kalispell-Kerr Transmission Line Rebuild Project. The draft EA describes the project and why it is needed, discusses the environmental impacts the project would create and lists the mitigation measures that would lessen or eliminate those impacts. BPA proposes to rebuild the Kalispell-Kerr 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Flathead and Lake counties, Montana.

For more information:

    Comment Period Ends  3/1/2016

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Middle Entiat River Restoration Project

The Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to fund a river restoration and habitat improvement project along four miles on the Entiat River in Chelan County, Wash. The project has been proposed as a partnership that includes The Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, Chelan County Department of Natural Resources, Columbia Cascade Fish Enhancement Group and Cascadia Conservation District. The funding would be provided as part of BPA’s ongoing efforts to protect, restore and enhance habitat for fish and wildlife species and serve as partial mitigation for the construction and operation of the Federal Columbia River Power System. The proposed project would increase the amount and quality of available habitat for spring chinook, steelhead and bull trout that are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act. Other native populations of fish and wildlife would also benefit from the habitat improvements. To better understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, BPA will prepare an environmental assessment following the procedures of the National Environmental Policy Act. BPA works with landowners, federal, state and local agencies, interest groups and tribal interests during this process. Your feedback helps better assess the environmental impacts of the proposed project and helps BPA make better and more informed decisions. Please review the proposal and share your comments with BPA.

For more information:\goto\middleentiatriverhabitat

    Comment Period Ends  3/2/2016

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Proposed Momentum Savings Baseline Alignment Library

BPA is seeking feedback on our proposal to scope and implement a baseline alignment library. This library would provide an optional resource for utilities that conduct Conservation Potential Assessments. Without alignment on baselines, BPA cannot accurately report Momentum savings to utilities. Baseline alignment also impacts NEEA and program savings. BPA is seeking feedback on the proposal and approach. Comments will be considered as BPA makes a final decision, and BPA will respond to comments thematically in a letter to the region.

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    Comment Period Ends  2/11/2016

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