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‚ÄčInstream Passage Improvement
The instream passage improvement work elements describe the installation of any type of structure that is intended to aid fish passage, or the removal of structures that impede fish passage. The design of such structures is typically split out as its own work element: WE# 175, Produce Design and/or Specifications.

For instream channel excavation and realignment, see WE#30, Realign, Connect, and/or Create Channel.

When acquiring water to improve passage, the Water Conservation and Irrigation Practices and Water Transactions work elements may be more appropriate.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

The Instream Passage Improvement work elements are:
69. Install Fish Screen
80. Install Siphon
84. Remove/Install Diversion
85. Remove/Breach Fish Passage Barrier
184. Install Fish Passage Structure

See all Fish and Wildlife program work elements (PDF)