Posted Date: 5/6/2022

For ease of implementation of the new billing system upon entry into the Western EIM, BPA is discounting rates for certain Ancillary and Control Area Services for the first two days of May 2022.  For May 1 and 2, 2022, BPA will discount the rates for the following services to the rate that applies when BPA is a participant in the EIM: Regulation and Frequency Response Service (RFR), Variable Energy Resource Balancing Service (VERBS), and Dispatchable Energy Resource Balancing Service (DERBS).  The discounted rates are as follows: 

Rate Charge Units
RFR 0.44 Mills/kWh
VERBS Wind Regulating 0.358 kW/mo
VERBS Wind Non-Regulating 0.35 kW/mo
VERBS Solar Regulating 0.282 kW/mo
VERBS Solar Non-Regulating 0.174 kW/mo
DERBS Incremental 21.303 mills/kW max hrly deviation
DERBS Decremental 1.240 mills/kW max hrly deviation