What's Happening
On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, OATI will be performing an infrastructure enhancement upgrade to the webSmartTag system. The OATI webSmartTag system will be offline starting at 0:00 AM PDT. webTrans, webSmartOASIS, and webData will all still be available. However, e-Tag functionality offered within those OATI services will be offline for the duration of the OATI webSmartTag outage.

Scheduled Impact
The actual outage is expected to be less than 15 minutes, but OATI has notified us that it could take up to an hour. During the outage, the expected impact is as follows:

  1. No tag actions will be able to be taken in any OATI service. Please plan accordingly.
If you have any questions or concern, please contact the OATI Help Desk by sending an email to support@oati.net or call OATI Support at 763-201-2020.