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Look to the River: Columbia River Opens New Opportunities for Enterprise (1954)

"Look to the River" highlights the construction of two hydroelectric projects, McNary (near Umatilla, Ore.) and Hungry Horse (20 miles northeast of Kalispell, Mont.). It outlines the benefits of the Columbia River Power System, including flood control, irrigation and the affordable electric power to drive industry. This 1954 film delivers a change in tone from previous BPA films, featuring a low-key narration over an impressionistic score by Academy Award-winner Ernest Gold ("Exodus"). "Look to the River" was produced during Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidency; thus there's a great deal of emphasis on ways the power system can build wealth and enhance the American way of life. Included are animated maps and a vivid time-lapse montage of neon lights from dusk to dawn. Directed by Erven Jourdan.