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Stringing and Sagging a High-Voltage Transmission Line (1950)

BPA staff discovered “Stringing and Sagging” after releasing the first volume of BPA-produced films in 2013. It turned up in a group of films returned from a storage facility. In this 1950 film, BPA engineering teams determine what kind of cable to use and how to string and sag it for optimal high-voltage transmission. It was written by Henry Alderman of BPA’s Information Service, who also wrote “Power Builds Ships” (1942), which was featured in the first collection. The filmmakers use voice-over narration, animation, paintings, models, mathematics, slide rules and custom templates to illustrate the decision-making process. “Stringing and Sagging” also shows the complex tasks involved in installing cable in the field. It's amazing to see the engineering expertise behind the construction of BPA’s unique and modern transmission system, particularly without the aid of computers. The digital transfer was made from an original 16 mm color film print.